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LST’s Response to the statement of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith

September 26, 2018

The Law and Society Trust is committed to promoting human rights through advocacy and legal research. We are greatly disturbed to hear the statements made by His Eminence, The Most Reverend Malcolm Ranjith on Sunday 23 September 2018, dismissing and discrediting “human rights as the latest religion of the West” and cautioning Sri …

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Waiting for Mahinda mahaththaya: Part II

June 27, 2018

Reading the Result Law and Trust Society Review May 2018 says according to the election results, it is clear that – except in the area subject to the Weliweriya – Rathupaswala drinking water controversy and brutal attack on protestors – in Bandarawela, Beruwela and Lahugala, the SLPP has failed to …

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‘Waiting for Mahinda mahaththaya’: Part I

June 27, 2018

Law and Trust Society Review May 2018 says the local government election for 337 local government bodies in Sri Lanka (except Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha), was held on 10 February, 2018. This election and its results captured special attention due to two main reasons: This was the first election held under …

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Lankan trade unions have lost 60 per cent of their membership in a decade

April 5, 2018

Trade unions in Sri Lanka have lost 60% of their members during the last decade as unions struggle to adapt to new realities brought about by labour law relaxation, Vidura Munasinghe, a labour rights researcher at the Law and Society Trust (LST) told The Island.

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FATalks: Sandun Thudugala on the Communal Violence in Kandy

March 10, 2018

On 7 March 2018, FORUM-ASIA talked with Sandun Thudugala, Head of Programmes of Law & Society Trust, Sri Lanka, about the communal violence in Sri Lanka in the previous days and how the incidents were part of a bigger problem in the country.

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