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Remembering Vijay Nagaraj: Three years on

August 26, 2020

It is three years since Vijay Nagaraj tragically passed away on 25th August 2017. At the time of his passing, he was Head of Research at the Law and Society Trust (LST) in Sri Lanka. He left a deep footprint at LST – crafting innovative projects that pushed the boundaries of research and advocacy. He was also a prolific writer, contributing to many international journals. From the outpourings of grief and loss expressed at his passing it was clear that he touched the hearts and minds of all those he worked with, and interacted with over coffees, at seminars and workshops, be it in Bogota, Sri Lanka, Switzerland or India.

We have not forgotten Vijay and at times such as these, we miss him evermore. He believed in South Asian solidarity, democracy and human rights, social justice and equity and these beliefs pervaded his work, his approach to life and his everyday interactions. We would have done well in these times if we had his sharp wit to provoke us and his infectious enthusiasm to stretch our imagination.

Rest in peace Vijay.

-Sakuntala Kadirgamar