LST IN THE PRESS: Constitutionalising Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

“Dinushika Dissanayake, the Executive Director of the Law and Society Trust stressed that both the PRC report and the Subcommittee report showed how people across Sri Lanka –from the North, South, East and West – wanted economic, social and cultural rights guaranteed. “Guaranteeing ESC rights in the constitution is no longer an option. This is a false debate we are having. People want it. They very clearly ask for it,’ she said.

ARTICLE | The Meethotamulla tragedy: The face, not failure, of development

“The tragedy of Meethotamulla is that it is the outcome of planned development not its failure. And this is precisely also why just like no one was held accountable for the tragedies in Meeriyabedda or Aranayake, no one is likely to be held accountable for Meethotamulla either.”

PRESS RELEASE: Law & Society Trust launches Active Citizenship for Democracy Network in Sri Lanka

The UNDEF-funded project will empower citizen forums at village level, with the objective of contributing to a culture of governance where citizens, state and non-state actors work together to achieve more inclusive and sustainable local development outcomes for citizens in Sri Lanka. The specific objective is to strengthen the participation of civil society in the development processes of local government policy and its implementation for promoting effective and participatory governance, transparency and accountability in Sri Lanka.

PRESS RELEASE: Protesting the Proposed Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code

The Law & Society Trust (LST) voices its grave concern over the introduction of the draft amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code restricting the right to counsel of those arrested or detained as gazetted on the 12th August 2016. The amendment proposes to deprive those arrested and detained by the Police from accessing a lawyer until their statement is recorded. Further, it also provides that where such persons are unable to retain and consult a lawyer at their own expense, the Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka would be prevailed upon to provide legal counsel if it is in a position to provide such service. These amendments constitute a grave curtailment of rights and heighten the risk of torture, undermine the right to a fair trial,, and impede access to justice.

PRESS RELEASE: Attacks in Aluthgama and Beruwala

LST is gravely concerned over the events that occurred in Aluthgama and Beruwala this weekend. Following a Buddhist meeting held in Aluthgama on Sunday June 15th, incidents of violence against Muslims and Muslim owned homes and businesses occurred. It has been reported that at least 3 Muslims have died of gunshot wounds, while 78 others have been seriously injured in the violence 1. In addition at least nine shops and up to 40 houses have been gutted in Aluthgama, while three mosques were attacked. 2


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